T-shirt Quilt Reviews & Tips.

You can tell the story of specific times in your life by making a custom t-shirt quilt. You may have so many shirts that you can create unique blocks to tell multiple stories. A personalized quilt preserves memories for you and your family. A great deal of enjoyment goes into making and designing them. They are great gifts for children as for families that have a loved one who as passed as well.Gather each of the T-shirts you would love to put in your quilt. Cutting one t-shirt at one time is recommended so you may pay careful attention to the positioning of the design or logo being used. Allow for a ΒΌ inch seem.

Make a template for your squares that’s as big as the smallest shirt. Once prepped, there are numerous layouts that can be used based on the size of the t-shirt motifs. With professional methods and easy patterns available online, you will be prepared to tackle a project the whole family will love. Use a flat surface to begin placing them according to your pattern, color, or theme. You can pin or glue them in place until you are ready to start sewing. You will need to use batting in between unless you are doing a rag-style quilt. If you have lots of extra shirts, you can do a two-sided quilt; otherwise, you will want to find a large piece of fabric to use a backing. This may be the same material you choose if you are doing borders too. Start at the bottom of the design and work your way to the top. When you get to the last edge, you are finished.

Though it may seem complicated, building a t-shirt quilt is more straightforward than it looks. There are a lot of entirely free patterns out there to select from. Search for online quilting companies and download items of interest. While you are there, check out their quilting supplies and photo gallery. If you decide the task of putting the custom quilt together is too complicated or time-consuming, send them your t-shirts with a form describing how you want your quilt assembled, and they will do it for you. A t-shirt quilt is a chance to get creative. You can make your blanket out of old tees, but you can also use pieces of other clothing like a prom dress or baby onesies.

If you’re on the lookout for the finest quality t-shirt quilt or keepsake quilts, try MemoryStitch quilting company. They can either give you tips and resources to make your blanket or do the whole project for you. They already have all the necessary tools and equipment.Making a personalized t-shirt quilt is a great way to repurpose material rather than letting it sit in storage or get tossed out. You will preserve some of your most significant memories to display on your bed or wall. Think about how you want to use it. You may need a frame or hanger.